Columbia Guacobia Pink Bourbon 400

Țară de origine: Columbia

Ferma: Guacobia

Procesare: anaerob naturală

Note: piersica | struguri | portocala rosie | mango

130,00 RON
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After picking the ripest drupes and hand selecting them this Pink Bourbon passed through 400h low temperature fermentation in anaerobic environment

20 days sun parabolic dryer and then it is bagged in grain-pro and stored during 1month in a cooler warehouse to stabilize.

Andres Guaca, 3rd genaration coffee farmer, owner of Guacobia farm together with his wife and two sons. Five years ago, Andres made a change towards specialty coffees, he began to improve post-harvest practices, with controlled, experimental fermentations. On his 5-hectare farm and on his brother's farm, he began to plant differentiated lots of more exotic varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Pacamara, Geisha, Gesha Aji. His eldest son is already in love with coffee production, and his dream is to be an agronomist and to continue with the development of the farm.