Janson Geisha lot 529

Țară de origine: Panama

Ferma: Las Lagunas

Procesare: Naturală

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Short name for Hacienda las Lagunas is farm located at 1,350-1,400 masl, in the region of Volcán. Hacienda las Lagunas, named after its lagoons and wetlands, is located West of the Barú Volcano, with a rich volcanic soil and several natural springs. The different lots of the coffee plantation are surrounded by areas of a natural reserve which serve as natural barriers to protect the plantation and are also a vital habitat for a large variety of birds and wildlife


Quality production with harmony is goal. They keep a balance of nutrients in the soil using enzyme microorganisms, no pesticides, no herbicides among others. The farms are micromanaged in lots for traceability and quality control. Plantations are separated by forest which serve as natural barriers against pests and also protect the natural flora and fauna of the region


Their beneficio (processing plant) was built in 1993, designed exclusively for specialty coffee, including several selections to be able to separate coffee by quality and origin. They do natural and wash process by using updated technology combined with artisanal methods to obtain the best quality.