Panama Rocky Mountain

Țară de origine: Panama

Ferma: Rocky Mountain

Procesare: Naturală

Note: fructe tropicale | florală

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This special lot is cultivated and processed by Allan Hartmann, one of the owners of the farm, who with his great experience in the drying of coffee, gives it an indistinct and unique flavor due to the innovative process he uses on his farm.


Allan Hartmann was able to highlight the best attributes of this lot and also gave it the strong character that the natural process offers. He is one of the owners of Allan Hartmann, one of the owners of Finca Hartmann, who decided to create, together with his wife Elke and daughters Alexa Sofia and Diana this new concept called Rocky Mountain Coffee.


With his great experience in the management of the whole process and classification of specialty coffees, and betting of specialty coffees he has bet on innovative processes mixed with the microclimate that the region offers, with which he has achieved unique processing methods with the most modern know-how in the drying process, which gives the indistinguishable flavor that Allan can achieve in his coffees


Natural process: after being selected, the coffee is taken directly to dry in the sun on African beds, where it remains for approximately 28 days until it reaches 11% humidity.