Columbia El Jardin

Country: Columbia

Farm: El Jardin 

Process: natural

Notes: peach | blueberries | orange | honey

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Elmer and Juan Felipe Restrepo have mastered the art of producing clean and fruit Naturals in Colombia’s wet climate. We love these innovative Natural lots for their clean and fruity profile.

Elmer and Juan employ 12 year-round workers who carry out selective handpicking during the harvest and help with farm upkeep in the off-season. This team is paid a premium for their selective picking expertise and their full-time employment helps them maintain stable income throughout the year. 

Colombia’s wetter, more humid climate makes producing Naturals more difficult, making their clean and fruity, repeatedly large volume Naturals an extraordinary find. 

Much of their success is due to their innovative processing methods that make producing clean, large volume Naturals possible, no matter the weather. 

Elmer and Juan Felipe use Brix (a measurement of sugar content) to ensure that only perfect ripe cherry – cherry with about 21% Brix – is processed. 

After selective harvesting and sorting, cherry is sundried in parabolic driers for 5 days. Throughout this time, workers rake cherry frequently to ensure even drying. Then, cherry is dried in mechanical driers on low heat for any additional 3 days. 

Juan Felipe and Elmer are constant innovators looking for new ways to highlight coffee flavors and improve each cup. This lot, Jardin 5, was dried with blackberries. 

The coffee is milled at the Restrepo’s dry mill, called Invercafe, located in the town a few kilometers away from the farm.