Bolivia Manco Kapac

Country: Bolivia

Farm: Manco Kapac

Process: honey & natural

Notes: pineapple | cherry | papaya | mango

Roasted for

Manco Kapak is a colony in the Caranavi area of Yungus. The colony is at around 1550 masl and is surrounded by jungle and small coffee farms.

After the land reforms in the 1950s, monkeys and tigers have been inconsiderately chased away from their playground as a result of the Bolivian government encouraging people from the Altiplano and La Paz to move down to the tropical agricultural areas to farm coffee by giving them free parcels of land. Manco Kapak was one of the settlements for people from the Altiplano, and therefore many of the coffee producers own very small farms - between 1 and 3 hectares - and practise traditional organic farming methods; they have eventually grown fond of both producing coffee and earning quick and significant benefits.

Since producers in Manco Kapak produce relatively small amounts, they deliver their coffee to the Buena Vista mill in Caranavi together, where it is processed and dried. This allows all of the producers to reduce their risk as they get paid immediately, and it allows the mill to control the quality of processing to ensure that the producers receive quality premiums later.

This year the producer group decided that they would like to start producing honey and natural processed coffees (the name of the honey method actually comes from how sticky the beans get during processing).

This was the perfect way to elevate cup scores and complexity, and get a higher percentage of their production up to microlot quality.

Ever since Manco Kapac has reached our storeroom, Bob licks its fingers, sorry, its paws, like a bear in the honey pot.